Antonio Franco Coronel Describes Tensions Among Miners (with text supports)

Antonio Franco Coronel was born in Mexico, came to California as a child in 1834, and settled with his family in Los Angeles. As one of the original miners in the state’s gold fields in 1848, he found success at the Placer Seco in northern California. When he returned to the same area in 1849, he found many more miners there, and he describes the tensions that arose among them. After his experiences in the mines, Coronel became mayor of Los Angeles in 1853 and served as state treasurer from 1867 to 1871.

Source | Antonio Franco Coronel, “Cosas de California,” dictated to Thomas Savage for the Bancroft Library, 1877, translated by David J. and Carol S. Weber.
Creator | Antonio Franco Coronel
Item Type | Biography/Autobiography
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