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Herb - social history for every classroom

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HERB embodies more than twenty years of history education at American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning. Our documents, activities, and other resources were created collaboratively by ASHP/CML staff in dialogue with researchers, cultural partners, and the hundreds of teachers with whom we have worked in local and national professional development programs. While the credits indicate specific responsibilities, HERB is based on the sharing of tasks and the merging of talents.

Created and Produced by: Leah Nahmias, Ellen Noonan, Leah Potter

Executive Producers: Ellen Noonan, Leah Potter

Contributing Staff: Pennee Bender, Joshua Brown, Frank Poje, Donna Thompson Ray, Andrea Ades Vásquez, Isa Vásquez

Web Developer: Aaron Knoll

Design: Andrea Ades Vásquez

Original Art: Joshua Brown

Research Assistants: Sean Griffin, Maceo June

Other Staff and Partners: Adesimba Bashir, Valentine Burr, Bret Eynon, Linda Ellman, Eliza Fabillar, Bill Friedheim, Carol Groneman, Michele James, Cynthia Jones, Landry Kouassi, Roberta Koza, Abigail Lewis, Madeleine Lopez, Eleanor Morley, Deborah Nasta, Patricia Oldham, Andre Pitanga, Hillina Seife, Bill Seto, John Spencer, Bill Tally, Fritz Umbach, Leonard Vogt, Heather Wilson