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Portrait of Abigail Smith Babcock (Mrs. Adam Babcock)

Born in Boston in 1738, John Singleton Copley became America's first major portrait artist. He painted numerous people in both the colonies and London, including the notable patriots John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and John Adams. The subject of this work, Abigail Smith Babcock, was the wife of Adam Babcock, a wealthy New Haven shipowner, who supported the patriot cause with money and ships.

External Link: www.nga.gov

Source | John Singleton Copley, Abigail Smith Babcock (Mrs. Adam Babcock), 1774, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art, http://www.nga.gov/collection/gallery/gg60b/gg60b-65885.html.
Creator | John Singleton Copley
Item Type | Painting
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