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"Bandit's Roost"

Jacob Riis—a journalist and photographer of industrial America and himself a Danish immigrant—exposed the deplorable conditions of late nineteenth-century urban life in his widely-read book, How the Other Half Lives, first published in 1890. He also presented slide shows to reform-minded, middle-class audiences. This photograph was taken in New York City's Mulberry Street.

Source | Jacob Riis, How the Other Half Lives, photograph (New York: Scribner's Sons, 1890); from History Matters: http://historymatters.gmu.edu/mse/Photos//question2.html#
Creator | Jacob Riis
Item Type | Photograph
Cite This document | Jacob Riis, “"Bandit's Roost",” HERB: Resources for Teachers, accessed August 13, 2020, https://herb.ashp.cuny.edu/items/show/1088.

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