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"A Modest Entry" Vies for Capitol Design Competition Prize

The entries submitted in response to Thomas Jefferson's call for an open competition to design the new Capitol building reflected the range of talent evident amongst America's architects and builders, both amateur and professional. Most of the entries were based on classical or Renaissance models, such as this "modest entry" from James Diamond of Somerset County, Maryland, based on a Renaissance palace design. Perhaps this "modest entry" suggests why many of the entries were disappointing to the competition's judges, who included Jefferson, Washington, and the Commissioners of the District of Columbia.

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Image Text: Section of the back Front on the Court Side Back Front or Flank, to Plan No. 1 for a Capitol To the Hon. Commissioners of the FEDERAL Buildings, & A.A. & Clerks Offices & Committee Rooms, Over Which are Six Other Rooms of the Same Dimentions B. Principal Entrance with a room [over] it, C. Gallery of Communication to the Offices, D. Open court, E. a Room for the Representatives, F. Antichamber to [?] G. a Senate Room, H. Antichamber to [?] I. Conference Room, By James Diamond of Somerset Co. State of Maryland,
Source | James Diamond, Modest Capitol Design with Courtyard Based on Renaissance Palace, ink washes on paper, Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland; from Library of Congress, Temple of Liberty: Building the Capitol for a New Nation, http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/us.capitol/s2.html.
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