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"Nicht spenden, Opfern (Don't give, Sacrifice)"

This 1930s-era Nazi poster translates as "Don't give, Sacrifice," to the Winterhilfswerk (Winter Aid), a Nazi party charity. The dire economic circumstances in Germany during the 1930s both facilitated the Nazis' rise to power and served as a focal [...]

"Altpapiersammlung (Paper Drive)"

A 1943 poster announces a Nazi paper drive. As in the Allied countries, German civilians were expected to contribute to the war effort by recycling materials, rationing food, and buying war bonds. In Nazi Germany, however, such participation was [...]

"Der Jude (The Jew)"

This poster, issued in 1943 or 1944, was intended to perpetuate the Nazi myth of "the Jew" as "inciter of war, prolonger of war." As German fortunes in the war begin to decline, myths of a "Jewish conspiracy" made a convenient scapegoat for failing [...]

"We will ruthlessly defeat and destroy the enemy!"

A Soviet poster shows a Red Army soldier dispatching a gnome-like Hitler. The torn document and discarded mask represent the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the treaty of non-aggression signed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and violated when the [...]

"Death to the Fascist Reptile!"

Another Soviet poster from shortly after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 is this work by A. Kokorekina, in which a Red Army soldier pierces a serpent cleverly coiled into the shape of a swastika. The caption, which translates as [...]

"Red Army man, come to the rescue!"

A Soviet poster from 1942 shows a Russian family threatened by a Nazi bayonet. Such fears were not unwarranted: between 1941 and 1944, some 20 million Soviet civilians were killed by the Nazis. The image employs an almost cinematic approach, [...]

"On the Joyous Day of Liberation from under the Yoke of the German Invaders"

This poster by Viktor Koretskii celebrates the victory of Red Army forces in turning the tide on the Eastern Front after German forces were turned back in a number of brutal and costly battles, including Stalingrad and Kursk. As in Nazi Germany, the [...]

"Jenny on the Job Wears Styles Designed for Victory"

This World War II-era poster is from the "Jenny on the Job" series developed by the U.S. Public Health Service and aimed at women workers. The series offered safety tips and advice for thousands of women thrust into the workforce during World War [...]

"United We Win"

This 1943 government poster offers an image of racial solidarity among wartime workers under the slogan "United We Win." Although African-Americans did find enhanced opportunities thanks to the high demand for workers and the Roosevelt [...]

"I'm Proud... My Husband Wants Me To Do My Part"

During World War II, the U.S. government produced a number of propaganda posters aimed at mobilizing women workers to contribute to the war effort, offering images that challenged traditional ideas about the role of women and the nature of their [...]