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"Jenny on the Job Gets Her Beauty Sleep"

This World War II-era poster is from the "Jenny on the Job" series developed by the Office of War Information and aimed at women workers. The series offered safety tips and advice for thousands of women thrust into the industrial workforce during [...]

"Americans all, let's fight for victory: Americanos todos, luchamos por la victoria"

Mexicans and Mexican Americans contributed in many ways to the United States' war effort during World War II. About 19% of all Mexican Americans signed up for the armed forces; nearly 17,000 Mexican Americans in Los Angeles worked in the area's [...]

"A monthly check to you"

The Social Security Act of 1935 started a national old-age pension for workers who earned wages. This meant that at age 65 these workers could retire and receive monthly payments from the government. To pay for this program, workers and employers [...]

San Carlos Institute

The San Carlos Institute in Key West, Florida was established in 1871 by Cuban exiles who sought their country's independence from Spain. The Institute, which provided bilingual education and promoted Cuban independence, was largely supported and [...]

"Du Bist Front (You Are the Front)"

Like many Allied propaganda images from the same period, this Nazi World War II poster focuses on the importance of the role played by civilians in the war effort. Workers in munitions factories and other war-production-related industries were [...]