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"Interior of Chinese theatre, Jackson Street, San Francisco, Cal."

Going to the theater was a popular form of entertainment for Chinese immigrants. By the 1880s there were several different theater companies operating in Chinatown, including this theater, located on Jackson Street. Theaters could seat several [...]

"Boys Playing Shuttlecock"

Children were a visible part of San Francisco's Chinatown. Because of the tight-knit community, children moved freely within the neighborhood, often without direct supervision. In this Arnold Genthe photograph, four boys look on as a fifth boy [...]

"Chinese Restaurant, San Francisco, Cal."

Large restaurants, like the one pictured on this postcard, served a wide cross-section of the Chinese community. The top floors were typically reserved for the elites of the neighborhood. Middle floors housed the kitchen and offered a menu of dishes [...]

Item Type: Photograph
"The Fish Dealer's Daughter"

As historian John Kuo Wei Tchen notes of this portrait, "the girl's tattered clothing and gloves on both hands clearly indicate that she works hard, probably assisting her father in carrying the wicker shrimp baskets shown behind."  Tchen [...]

"Children of High Class"

Lew Kan, a prominent merchant who ran canneries and a store, walks through Chinatown with his two sons. The boys' formal clothing indicates their high status. All boys and many girls attended segregated public schools in Chinatown. (One merchant [...]

Oklahoma Tenant Farmers Hold a Union Meeting

The state of Oklahoma suffered greatly during the Depression, causing many families to become migrant workers. In response to the dire conditions in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Tenant Farmers' Union argued for decent living wages for field workers, an [...]

Exterior of a Chinese Temple in San Francisco

Chinese temples were often called Joss Houses. The word "joss" comes from the Portuguese term for God, Deus. Chinese immigrants in San Francisco went to temples to pray for good luck and to honor their ancestors. This photograph was most likely [...]

Item Type: Photograph
The Winning Capitol Design Adopts Classical Elements

The design eventually adopted for the Capitol building was based on the floor plan of the winning competition entry, submitted by Dr. William Thornton. Thornton's design, however, was heavily augmented and adapted. Thomas Jefferson had suggested the [...]

Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of VietNam

Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionary name of Nguyen That Thanh (1890-1969), was the leader of the Vietnamese independence movement against the French, and later the United States. He was educated in France, where he became a communist. He returned home to [...]

Platform of the American Anti-Imperialist League

The Anti-Imperialist League was formed on June 15, 1898 to oppose U.S. annexation of the Philippines. Prominent members of the league included author Mark Twain, industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, and American Federation of Labor [...]

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